Who we are

Portfolio Yoga is a site that is dedicated to research and advise on various facets of Investing. Our aim is to ensure that the reader is well informed about the pro’s and con’s of investment based not on opinions but based on  data-driven research and statistical analysis.

The financial industry is ripe with misselling of products that are either not suited to the risk profile of the investor concerned or worse selling of products that are created solely to enrich those selling while not serving any useful purpose to the buyer of such a service / product.

We at Portfolio Yoga hope to make a difference by providing you with both the tools and the data-science behind it so that you can analyze for your self what is the best fit. Our expertise lies basically in the equity markets and hence will remain the core focus of this site.

While Portfolio Yoga will post ideas and strategies that can be of benefit to a investor, we are not responsible for the outcomes thereof and hence would advise you to consult a qualified financial advisor prior to making any actual investment or trading decisions.

The Team

Portfolio Yoga is led by Prashanth Krishna who has been in the financial field for the last 18 years. He had wide range of expertise with regard to the equity markets and has been instrumental in developing a wide range of trading systems for both proprietary and client use.