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What is your Philosophy when it comes to Investing?

For a long time, I was a drifter when it came to investing philosophy. Value today, Quality tomorrow and Momentum the third day. The disadvantage of being a drifter is that one never is able to convince himself that when the chips are down, the strategy is still as valid today as it was yesterday. […]

South Sea Bubble Card

Panics, Strategy, Tactics and Momentum

The headlong Fools Plunge into South Sea Water But the sly Long-heads Wade with Caution a’ter The First are Drowning but the Wiser Last/ Venture no Deeper than the Knees or Wast Someone the other day sent me a Video of the Alexandra Waterfall. Alexandra Waterfall is a small waterfall that flows normally for nearly […]

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

It’s probably bit unfair, but at its very core, the thought process that drives momentum is to first shoot, asking questions about the why’s and why not’s come much later. In my momentum portfolio, I picked up stocks like Graphite / HEG / Rain among others not at the bottom of their cycle but well […]