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The role of Incentives and what it means for your Retirement

There is this famous skin Doctor in Bangalore whose clinic is thronged by patients all-round the year. Being famous generally also means that one gets expensive but it ain’t so here, the Doctor Consultation fees is lower than what any other specialist anywhere shall charge. But there is a catch – you need to buy […]


Fee always makes a difference to the outcome. Stop following the Herd

Till the establishment of the National Stock Exchange, anyone who wanted to buy shares approached brokers of the Regional Stock Exchanges who either bought the shares on their own exchange if it was traded or bought it on another exchange on which the stock got traded. There were two kinds of fees that brokers levied. […]


The Search for Investing Nirvana

Investing can be pretty simple and yet we assume simple isn’t good enough and keep searching for elegant solutions even if they are complex and have risks of an unknown nature. Free is discarded in favour of paid solutions even though the free ideas may have as much value as the paid ideas. We are […]

List of Robo Advisors in India

Robo Advisory is picking up steam in India and yet I couldn’t find a list of the same. The rationale behind the list is to provide you with links of all active / yet to start Robo Advisors in India. The list will be updated as and when I come across new ventures. If you […]

Index funds or Index ETF / ETS

While passive investing is yet to pick up in India, almost all Mutual funds offer a choice of Index funds which try to track returns generated by Nifty / Sensex. But when one does go the passive way, should one invest in Index funds or with Exchange Traded Funds is the key question. The answer […]

Building for Rent

Recently I was at a housewarming ceremony of a friend of mine. The said friend of mine had been holding the plot for sometime now and decided that the best way forward was to build a few houses and let it out for rent. This he said gave him the best possible return for his […]

Bank Sector – Active Investing vs. Passive Investing

Over the last 1 year, Bank Bees has returned a negative 1.22% ROI. Dedicated Bank Sector Mutual funds on the other hand have done much worse save for ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Reg.  UTI Banking Sector fund seems to have done far worse despite its current portfolio showing it having its top 3 investments […]