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Climbing Trees & The Benefit to Cost Ratio

  One of the most abundant trees once upon a time in Bangalore as in many other cities across the south used to be the Coconut tree. Thanks to the fact that literally every part of it is useful, the tree is also called a Kalpavrisksha. Growth of city has meant a rise in number of […]

Asking the right questions

In the movie, I, Robot, James Cromwell playing the part of Dr. Alfred Lanning make the following statement. I am currently exploring the field of Data Analytic’s and Algorithmic Trading. One key aspect of this compared to the other ways of Analysis (Technical Analysis for example) is that one needs to throw the right questions to be able […]

The power of Authority

Yesterday as I watched the Bio-drama based on the life of Social Psychologist Stanley Milgram and it occurred to me that the same reasoning may hold good for why despite plenty of evidence, investors in market believe that by paying some one, their investing results may get better than what it would if they did not. […]

Perils of following Advisors

For nearly a month now, a website that sells Intra-da / Positional tips has been sending at the end of the day, a SMS showcasing that their 1 trade yielded XX, XXX amounts (Always in 5 figures, never less). After sending nearly 20 SMS, the guy changed track and today morning informed me that I […]