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South Sea Bubble Card

Panics, Strategy, Tactics and Momentum

The headlong Fools Plunge into South Sea Water But the sly Long-heads Wade with Caution a’ter The First are Drowning but the Wiser Last/ Venture no Deeper than the Knees or Wast Someone the other day sent me a Video of the Alexandra Waterfall. Alexandra Waterfall is a small waterfall that flows normally for nearly […]


Not a time to be a Hero, but not a time to run away either

On 18th July 1948, Havaldar Major Piru Singh laid down his life while attempting to eliminate the enemy during India’s first war with Pakistan in Kashmir. For his bravery and ultimate sacrifice, he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, the 4th such awardee in Independent India. If there was an award for bravery in stock […]


Social Media – Echo Chamber or a Learning Tool?

It was 22 days since I quit twitter and it’s interesting that I did not feel like I was missing anything. But I am back. The free time has also given me a lot to think on whether Twitter is what Morgan Housel would say, a product that solves a customer’s problem or a product […]

Social Media

Do you learn what you seek through Social Media?

The website, http://www.worldometers.info/books/ suggests that a book is published every 12 seconds. Number of books published has shot up phenomenally in recent years thanks to coming of age of self-publishing which has democratized the ability of anyone to be an author plus our own desire to be well read. Writing a book is a serious […]


The role of Incentives and what it means for your Retirement

There is this famous skin Doctor in Bangalore whose clinic is thronged by patients all-round the year. Being famous generally also means that one gets expensive but it ain’t so here, the Doctor Consultation fees is lower than what any other specialist anywhere shall charge. But there is a catch – you need to buy […]

Time for Change

An Experiment in de-addiction – Deactivating from Twitter

Addiction is what we all suffer from, some from addiction to narcotics, some to alcohol, some to couch surfing. These days, many of us are addicted to social media as it exploded in usage. Facebook is able to get a 500 Billion Dollar Valuation not because it sells something exotic but because it has been […]


Investing for Long Term is not possible without building Conviction

When it comes to financial advise, everyone knows what is best for others even though one may not be qualified to handle their own money let alone other people’s money. From Fund Managers to your corner uncle who sells Mutual Funds, everyone believes that investing in real estate is a waste. Gold bugs believe that […]