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Discipline through Shorting

I admire Elon Musk. I believe he is one of the greatest Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century, no doubt about that. Yet, he can be devastatingly wrong – for like when he recently railed against Shorts and called them to be made Illegal. Shorts for all their claims and prophecies aren’t gods descended from heaven […]


Striking Gold – Some Risks can Pay off Brilliantly

This week was a good one for many a Flipkart Employee as they finally were able to convert their paper wealth into real wealth. While startup’s getting acquired by bigger companies is common in the United States, Mergers and Acquisitions are pretty low in number out here in India. From Angel Funders who funded the […]


Errors, Omissions & Commissions

The downside of strategies comes to the fore both at the best of time and the worst of times. At the best of times, the risk that suddenly pops open is disregarded as a one off incident that doesn’t entail much significance. But when similar kind of risk opens up during the worst of times, […]

Liquidity, Spread and ETF

While the Asset under Management Exchange Traded funds are a tiny sum compared to the amount Mutual funds have been able to mobilize, they are slowly but surely growing despite it being a product that neither the producer takes interest in selling nor the distributor (stock broker in this instance). Unlike a Mutual fund where […]

Defining Risk in Options

Twitter is an  interesting way to start conversations, unfortunately the limit of 144 chars means that one cannot explain the thoughts in detail and one can miss the nuances very easily. And the reason for this blog came about from this series of tweets This is the series of tweet conversations that started with a […]