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Ruffling Feathers – the Ajit Dayal Interview

Most mutual fund distributors that I have come across online (I have been used to invested direct even before Direct was a option, so no offline distributor friends) rarely talk about a fund that has in its category been the best across 10 years and for good reason. This was a fund that until recently […]


When founders Quit, does Philosophy change?

I have been a follower as well as investor in Quantum Mutual Fund and also a big admirer of their philosophy. While their fund, Quantum Long Term Equity was launched in 2006, unlike many, I came across them fairly recently (2012). The key reason for me to like their fund was their philosophy of lower […]


Chasing Performance & Behavior Gap

When Gold, especially in form of Jewelry is bought, its not bought by calculating the CAGR returns it shall provide over the next 3 / 5 years. When one buys a home for his own use, he is not calculating how many times it can become in the next few decades. But not calculating really […]

Equity Curve

Of Labels and Stereotypes

Like it or not, we are all labelled one way or the other – from the Religion we profess to the Country in which we happen to be born among many others. For South Indians, anyone born in the North is a Bihari regardless of whether he is from Bihar or from Rajasthan. In the […]

Analyzing a few Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one of the ideal vehicles to invest in the markets. But with a plethora of funds, its tough to identify what fund to go with. Should one invest in the top rated (by rating agencies such as ICRA) or should one invest in funds managed by star managers. Among the large cap […]