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Hedge or Not

To Hedge or Not

When markets crack and they do crack all the time, it doesn’t really matter whether your portfolio is made of high quality stocks or low quality, your portfolio will take a hit. The only difference would be in percentage with high quality portfolio’s tumbling way less than low quality portfolios. Derivatives were introduced to enable […]


Are we at a Tipping Point

The big read of the week has to be the “Howard Marks” Memo which these days seems to be the second most read fund manager report after the Oracle of Omaha. In this Memo, Howard warns about the Risks that the market seems to be ignoring as the fear of missing out (FOMO) seems to […]

Buy the New High

At the very heart of Trend following is the concept of buying at new high with the assumption being that market knows something that we don’t. While the logic works on literally all time frames and tickers, some are better suited than others. Indices for example are better suited than even its Individual components, Commodities […]