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A deeper look at Liquid Funds

Equity Analysis they say is complicated and yet I find Debt to be more complicated than Equity. Maybe this has more to do with the fact that much of my experience in finance markets has been with Equity compared to Debt. In Equity Markets, I believe in applying my skillsets using Quantitative methods than Qualitative […]

Predictive Value of Historical Returns in Mutual Funds

Social Media has been a great leveler of things. While getting opinions of a dozen people in real life can be tremendously tough, thanks to Social Media, you know have the opportunity to tap into the opinions of thousands by the mere click of a button. Polls have always been used to understand and bring […]


Ruffling Feathers – the Ajit Dayal Interview

Most mutual fund distributors that I have come across online (I have been used to invested direct even before Direct was a option, so no offline distributor friends) rarely talk about a fund that has in its category been the best across 10 years and for good reason. This was a fund that until recently […]


When founders Quit, does Philosophy change?

I have been a follower as well as investor in Quantum Mutual Fund and also a big admirer of their philosophy. While their fund, Quantum Long Term Equity was launched in 2006, unlike many, I came across them fairly recently (2012). The key reason for me to like their fund was their philosophy of lower […]

Total Returns

Total Returns – The Better Benchmark

Once in a way, one comes across a Mutual Fund that decides to take the bull by the horns when it comes to transparency. Mutual fund are products that are sold on the basis of past performance – the better the fund performs against its peers and the benchmark it targets, the easier to sell. […]


Chasing Performance & Behavior Gap

When Gold, especially in form of Jewelry is bought, its not bought by calculating the CAGR returns it shall provide over the next 3 / 5 years. When one buys a home for his own use, he is not calculating how many times it can become in the next few decades. But not calculating really […]


Climbing Trees & The Benefit to Cost Ratio

¬† One of the most abundant trees once upon a time in Bangalore as in many other cities across the south used to be the Coconut tree. Thanks to the fact that literally every part of it is useful, the tree is also called a Kalpavrisksha.¬†Growth of city has meant a rise in number of […]