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Value, Momentum and The Risks of Coat-Tailing

Fame is a double edge sword. While everyone wants to become famous, being famous brings its own set of scrutiny and limitations. Take the recent controversy regarding twitter handles followed by Prime Minister Modi. As an Individual, he is entirely at his own liberty to choose whom he wishes to follow and who he doesn’t. […]

Of Godmen, Miracle Cures and Trading Coaches

India has no shortage of miracle men or also known as godmen and as the recent episode in Harayana showcased, they seem to have the ability to mesmerize folks to the extent of committing violence and taking the risk of getting killed for defending someone they don’t even really know that well. Of course, India […]

Are we at a Tipping Point

The big read of the week has to be the “Howard Marks” Memo which these days seems to be the second most read fund manager report after the Oracle of Omaha. In this Memo, Howard warns about the Risks that the market seems to be ignoring as the fear of missing out (FOMO) seems to […]

The ethics conundrum

Many moons ago, I was offered to be taken as a partner in a company which was started and continued to be run by someone I admired. Given the timing (personally for me), it was indeed a very tempting offer. Then again, I also knew how he treated clients (and their monies) and as much […]

Mutual Funds or ETF

The topic is something I have written about earlier but given the nature of the market, it keeps propping up as one or the other side unearths what seems to be new evidence which show why one is better than the other. In the United States, its more or less settled that Active funds cannot […]

Retirement Woes

One of the key reasons for savings is to ensure that once one retires from their job, they have enough resources to help them lead a comfortable life for the next XX years they may survive. The last thing most people want is to become destitute’s in their old age and dependent on either their […]

Here is what happened in 2016

Year end posts are obligatory in nature. So, this is a list of stocks that went up, this is another list that went down and hey, this what I think will happen in the coming year. Yet, if you really dig the data you can find some interesting facets that may have been easy to […]