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Practice and Application in the arena of Investing

Before the invention of the Printing Press, Education was privy of a select few for the cost of getting educated was an expensive affair and with much of the knowledge passed on through Oral or Scrolls made of papyrus and ones which required to be handled carefully and hence available to a select few. The […]


Striking Gold – Some Risks can Pay off Brilliantly

This week was a good one for many a Flipkart Employee as they finally were able to convert their paper wealth into real wealth. While startup’s getting acquired by bigger companies is common in the United States, Mergers and Acquisitions are pretty low in number out here in India. From Angel Funders who funded the […]


Pilgrimage to Omaha – The Annual Confab

Going on a pilgrimage is as old as Religion. Men and Women have been for thousands of years going to the holy places of their religion in the search for peace, knowledge and enlightenment. In the good old days before you could magically move from one corner of the earth to another in a matter […]


Running out of Options and Money

Aircel was recently in the news for being the latest telecom operator to go under as it filed for Bankruptcy with 15,500 Crores of Debt on its books. In its statement, the company said it was forced to file for Bankruptcy owing to intense competition following the disruptive entry of a new player, legal and […]


Shortcuts, Experience and Expertise

I am not an expert in programming or technology. But technology in itself has evolved to such an extent that anyone can put up a website on his own without the attendant needs of learning to code programs  with such exotic names such as Python (Snake), Ruby (of course, what can it be but a […]


Errors, Omissions & Commissions

The downside of strategies comes to the fore both at the best of time and the worst of times. At the best of times, the risk that suddenly pops open is disregarded as a one off incident that doesn’t entail much significance. But when similar kind of risk opens up during the worst of times, […]


Momentum Investing – Sin or Strategy

Ambhimanyu, the son of Arjuna had knowledge of entering the Chakravyuha but not the knowledge of coming out. This ended up with him getting killed and while the story being one of good and bad tries to magnify how the bad came together to kill him, the point that is missed is that he knew […]