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Is Momentum Strategy Inherently Risky?

With Momentum as a investing strategy gaining more followers, one of the common threads in all discussions I see is that they are described as inherently more risky – more risky than what I wonder. Equities itself is Risky – if you aren’t willing to bear the cost of temporary loss, maybe this isn’t a […]


Paying for the Right Advise

The fact that Fees eat up returns is well known and yet there persists an idea that somehow Indian funds are different and that even though they are charging a bomb to manage money, all is well. This undying spirit is being broken as with new regulations, Active funds will find it difficult to beat […]


The Search for Investing Nirvana

Investing can be pretty simple and yet we assume simple isn’t good enough and keep searching for elegant solutions even if they are complex and have risks of an unknown nature. Free is discarded in favour of paid solutions even though the free ideas may have as much value as the paid ideas. We are […]

The Rout – What Now?

A few days ago, Larry Williams made a poignant statement “There is no technical indicator that will call the top based on what little I know about the markets I’ve never found one that can do that.” Markets after being bullish for so long a time that people forgot that it can also go down […]


The Asset Allocator dials down Risk, Should you?

The simplest and the best asset allocation matrix is not one that brings the greatest benefits but one that you can stick through the thick and the thin. In popular parlance, a 60:40 split between Equity and Debt is the best split you can ever have. All you need to do is once a year […]


The Surging Balanced Funds – The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The choices we make are based on choices that we would rather make but are denied – passively or actively. Most investors would want nothing better than a simple investment products that can provide them the comfort of long term returns that can match inflation. But there is no simple magic wand that can provide […]

Hedge or Not

To Hedge or Not

When markets crack and they do crack all the time, it doesn’t really matter whether your portfolio is made of high quality stocks or low quality, your portfolio will take a hit. The only difference would be in percentage with high quality portfolio’s tumbling way less than low quality portfolios. Derivatives were introduced to enable […]