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Investing for Long Term is not possible without building Conviction

When it comes to financial advise, everyone knows what is best for others even though one may not be qualified to handle their own money let alone other people’s money. From Fund Managers to your corner uncle who sells Mutual Funds, everyone believes that investing in real estate is a waste. Gold bugs believe that […]

Free Market

Thoughts on Free Market Capitalism and Minimal Government

In 1997, JTM which was later acquired by Bharti Airtel launched Mobile services in Bangalore. While fixed line call cost was One Rupee at that point of time, JTM launched its service with Outgoing calls costing Rs.32 per minute and Incoming calls costing Rs.16 per minute. Twenty years later, we have come to a stage […]


Seminars – A Shortcut to Trading Success?

Cutting Onions isn’t tough but one that leaves one teary eyed. Try cutting a few at a time and your eyes will hurt like hell. But, while that doesn’t stop one from using onions, one always wishes for a simpler way to cut onions without the attending irritation of the eyes. In Exhibitions, one of […]


Being Different Isn’t A Bad Thing

In the world of me too’s, the only way to stand out is to be different and it’s no different in the world of investment management where your only standing is why you are different from others and hence are attractive as a place to park your capital. Motilal Oswal whose motto is, Buy Right […]


The Search for Investing Nirvana

Investing can be pretty simple and yet we assume simple isn’t good enough and keep searching for elegant solutions even if they are complex and have risks of an unknown nature. Free is discarded in favour of paid solutions even though the free ideas may have as much value as the paid ideas. We are […]

Read Apply

Practice and Application in the arena of Investing

Before the invention of the Printing Press, Education was privy of a select few for the cost of getting educated was an expensive affair and with much of the knowledge passed on through Oral or Scrolls made of papyrus and ones which required to be handled carefully and hence available to a select few. The […]


Playing the Russian Roulette by Selling Options

There is a new game in town – it’s called let’s play the Russian Roulette with a million chambers. The game itself isn’t new, it’s just that the players are. Unlike the real Russian Roulette with 6 chambers, in this game, you don’t know either the number of chambers that are empty nor the number […]