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Social Media

Do you learn what you seek through Social Media?

The website, http://www.worldometers.info/books/ suggests that a book is published every 12 seconds. Number of books published has shot up phenomenally in recent years thanks to coming of age of self-publishing which has democratized the ability of anyone to be an author plus our own desire to be well read. Writing a book is a serious […]


The role of Incentives and what it means for your Retirement

There is this famous skin Doctor in Bangalore whose clinic is thronged by patients all-round the year. Being famous generally also means that one gets expensive but it ain’t so here, the Doctor Consultation fees is lower than what any other specialist anywhere shall charge. But there is a catch – you need to buy […]

Time for Change

An Experiment in de-addiction – Deactivating from Twitter

Addiction is what we all suffer from, some from addiction to narcotics, some to alcohol, some to couch surfing. These days, many of us are addicted to social media as it exploded in usage. Facebook is able to get a 500 Billion Dollar Valuation not because it sells something exotic but because it has been […]


Fee always makes a difference to the outcome. Stop following the Herd

Till the establishment of the National Stock Exchange, anyone who wanted to buy shares approached brokers of the Regional Stock Exchanges who either bought the shares on their own exchange if it was traded or bought it on another exchange on which the stock got traded. There were two kinds of fees that brokers levied. […]


Paying for the Right Advise

The fact that Fees eat up returns is well known and yet there persists an idea that somehow Indian funds are different and that even though they are charging a bomb to manage money, all is well. This undying spirit is being broken as with new regulations, Active funds will find it difficult to beat […]


Investing for Long Term is not possible without building Conviction

When it comes to financial advise, everyone knows what is best for others even though one may not be qualified to handle their own money let alone other people’s money. From Fund Managers to your corner uncle who sells Mutual Funds, everyone believes that investing in real estate is a waste. Gold bugs believe that […]

Free Market

Thoughts on Free Market Capitalism and Minimal Government

In 1997, JTM which was later acquired by Bharti Airtel launched Mobile services in Bangalore. While fixed line call cost was One Rupee at that point of time, JTM launched its service with Outgoing calls costing Rs.32 per minute and Incoming calls costing Rs.16 per minute. Twenty years later, we have come to a stage […]