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Is Consumerism really bad?

  When Eicher shot up out of nowhere, a quote that was often seen was that if only the guy who bought an Enfield X years ago had bought the Stock. Today, he would be driving a Harley Davidson instead. Indian’s are savers, Period. While the old generation feels that the new generation (the Gen […]


The Asset Allocator dials down Risk, Should you?

The simplest and the best asset allocation matrix is not one that brings the greatest benefits but one that you can stick through the thick and the thin. In popular parlance, a 60:40 split between Equity and Debt is the best split you can ever have. All you need to do is once a year […]


The Surging Balanced Funds – The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The choices we make are based on choices that we would rather make but are denied – passively or actively. Most investors would want nothing better than a simple investment products that can provide them the comfort of long term returns that can match inflation. But there is no simple magic wand that can provide […]


Fear of Meltdowns and Power of Meltup’s

Yesterday, 19th October 2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of the greatest crash seen in US Markets when the Dow tumbled 22.6% (close to close). Unlike 2008 though, this barely had a impact on the real economy which continued to remained buoyant. There is once again fear that maybe we are on the edge of something […]

Risk Thermostat

Illusion of Safety

At the Mall I frequent to, a guard uses a hand held device to screen me – front and back. Neither he knows nor I as to what he expects. Beeping is considered normal since Belts / Pens and variety of things cause the same sound. But a illusion is created that once you are […]

Retirement Worries

Retirement Worries

How much do you need to Retire in Peace? The quintessential question has really no clear answers with answers varying based on their own biases and beliefs. On the web, a simple search for “How much to Retire filetype:xls” give you hajaar excel files where you need to put in a few numbers and voila, […]

Hedge or Not

To Hedge or Not

When markets crack and they do crack all the time, it doesn’t really matter whether your portfolio is made of high quality stocks or low quality, your portfolio will take a hit. The only difference would be in percentage with high quality portfolio’s tumbling way less than low quality portfolios. Derivatives were introduced to enable […]