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Expectations, Probability and Reality. Can you really make 100 Crore by Investing 10 Lakh

Most kids coming home from their exams don’t expect anything less than a First Class. Parents don’t expect anything less than their ward getting into the IIT’s of the world. Investors assume that they can easily generate returns that would put even Warren Buffet at his prime to shame. On Twitter, experts for most of […]


In God we Trust, Rest bring Data

The position of the RBI Governor is one of Prestige than Comforts. While the RBI Governor draws a Basic Salary of 2.5 Lakhs per month, the CEO of HDFC Bank, the premier most private sector bank in India draws a Salary of 80 Lakhs per month in addition to perks such as ESOP’s which can […]


Saying No to Yes

Yes Bank has been in all kinds of bad news in recent times and that has shown up in its stock price % with the stock falling 60% from its peak in a matter of months. From being one of the most expensive Private Sector Banks it’s now one of the cheapest around – and […]

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What is your Philosophy when it comes to Investing?

For a long time, I was a drifter when it came to investing philosophy. Value today, Quality tomorrow and Momentum the third day. The disadvantage of being a drifter is that one never is able to convince himself that when the chips are down, the strategy is still as valid today as it was yesterday. […]


Run with the Herd or Go against the Tide

Most of us make millions of decisions, small and big over our lifetime. As much as we believe in being individualistic, most of the decisions aren’t really different from decisions taken by the vast majority who are facing similar questions. We hate to be told that we are following the herd when the reality is […]


Discipline through Shorting

I admire Elon Musk. I believe he is one of the greatest Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century, no doubt about that. Yet, he can be devastatingly wrong – for like when he recently railed against Shorts and called them to be made Illegal. Shorts for all their claims and prophecies aren’t gods descended from heaven […]

South Sea Bubble Card

Panics, Strategy, Tactics and Momentum

The headlong Fools Plunge into South Sea Water But the sly Long-heads Wade with Caution a’ter The First are Drowning but the Wiser Last/ Venture no Deeper than the Knees or Wast Someone the other day sent me a Video of the Alexandra Waterfall. Alexandra Waterfall is a small waterfall that flows normally for nearly […]