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To Hedge or Not

When markets crack and they do crack all the time, it doesn’t really matter whether your portfolio is made of high quality stocks or low quality, your portfolio will take a hit. The only difference would be in percentage with high quality portfolio’s tumbling way less than low quality portfolios. Derivatives were introduced to enable […]

Value, Momentum and The Risks of Coat-Tailing

Fame is a double edge sword. While everyone wants to become famous, being famous brings its own set of scrutiny and limitations. Take the recent controversy regarding twitter handles followed by Prime Minister Modi. As an Individual, he is entirely at his own liberty to choose whom he wishes to follow and who he doesn’t. […]

Of Godmen, Miracle Cures and Trading Coaches

India has no shortage of miracle men or also known as godmen and as the recent episode in Harayana showcased, they seem to have the ability to mesmerize folks to the extent of committing violence and taking the risk of getting killed for defending someone they don’t even really know that well. Of course, India […]

Ruffling Feathers – the Ajit Dayal Interview

Most mutual fund distributors that I have come across online (I have been used to invested direct even before Direct was a option, so no offline distributor friends) rarely talk about a fund that has in its category been the best across 10 years and for good reason. This was a fund that until recently […]

When founders Quit, does Philosophy change?

I have been a follower as well as investor in Quantum Mutual Fund and also a big admirer of their philosophy. While their fund, Quantum Long Term Equity was launched in 2006, unlike many, I came across them fairly recently (2012). The key reason for me to like their fund was their philosophy of lower […]

Total Returns – The Better Benchmark

Once in a way, one comes across a Mutual Fund that decides to take the bull by the horns when it comes to transparency. Mutual fund are products that are sold on the basis of past performance – the better the fund performs against its peers and the benchmark it targets, the easier to sell. […]

Book Review: Bull: A History of the Boom and Bust, 1982-2004

1982 to 2000 saw one of the biggest bull rallies in the history of the United States stock market and the book Bull: A History of the Boom and Bust, 1982-2004 follows the up’s and down’s of that journey. While the Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest continuously traded exchange in Asia, the markets have […]