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When Risk Comes Calling

I started my career as a Fixed Deposit agent canvassing Fixed Deposits for Non Banking Financial companies. Given that I was really young and not really educated formally in the field of finance, I was barely able to convince potential customers of depositing their hard earned money in the companies, many of which they hadn’t […]


Is Momentum Strategy Inherently Risky?

With Momentum as a investing strategy gaining more followers, one of the common threads in all discussions I see is that they are described as inherently more risky – more risky than what I wonder. Equities itself is Risky – if you aren’t willing to bear the cost of temporary loss, maybe this isn’t a […]


Learning the Wrong Lesson from Bogle.

Human Life Expectancy today is 79 years. Most of us live out the lives in a fashion that none other than family members can remember one after we pass away from this world. Those who achieve greatness in their lifetime are generally remembered for at least one more generation before the memory stats to fade […]


Book Review: Masterclass with Super-Investors

While books on Investing are plenty, very few are authored by Indian’s themselves and an even smaller sub-sect of them are actually worth spending time and money. Masterclass with Super-Investors is one of the rare books that qualifies on both criteria. The book has been written in the style of Market Wizard series by Jack […]


Expectations, Probability and Reality. Can you really make 100 Crore by Investing 10 Lakh

Most kids coming home from their exams don’t expect anything less than a First Class. Parents don’t expect anything less than their ward getting into the IIT’s of the world. Investors assume that they can easily generate returns that would put even Warren Buffet at his prime to shame. On Twitter, experts for most of […]


In God we Trust, Rest bring Data

The position of the RBI Governor is one of Prestige than Comforts. While the RBI Governor draws a Basic Salary of 2.5 Lakhs per month, the CEO of HDFC Bank, the premier most private sector bank in India draws a Salary of 80 Lakhs per month in addition to perks such as ESOP’s which can […]


Saying No to Yes

Yes Bank has been in all kinds of bad news in recent times and that has shown up in its stock price % with the stock falling 60% from its peak in a matter of months. From being one of the most expensive Private Sector Banks it’s now one of the cheapest around – and […]