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The Search for Investing Nirvana

Investing can be pretty simple and yet we assume simple isn’t good enough and keep searching for elegant solutions even if they are complex and have risks of an unknown nature. Free is discarded in favour of paid solutions even though the free ideas may have as much value as the paid ideas. We are […]

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Practice and Application in the arena of Investing

Before the invention of the Printing Press, Education was privy of a select few for the cost of getting educated was an expensive affair and with much of the knowledge passed on through Oral or Scrolls made of papyrus and ones which required to be handled carefully and hence available to a select few. The […]


Playing the Russian Roulette by Selling Options

There is a new game in town – it’s called let’s play the Russian Roulette with a million chambers. The game itself isn’t new, it’s just that the players are. Unlike the real Russian Roulette with 6 chambers, in this game, you don’t know either the number of chambers that are empty nor the number […]


Striking Gold – Some Risks can Pay off Brilliantly

This week was a good one for many a Flipkart Employee as they finally were able to convert their paper wealth into real wealth. While startup’s getting acquired by bigger companies is common in the United States, Mergers and Acquisitions are pretty low in number out here in India. From Angel Funders who funded the […]


Pilgrimage to Omaha – The Annual Confab

Going on a pilgrimage is as old as Religion. Men and Women have been for thousands of years going to the holy places of their religion in the search for peace, knowledge and enlightenment. In the good old days before you could magically move from one corner of the earth to another in a matter […]

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Momentum Investing – An Experiment with Real Money

 “We’re too soon old and too late smart.” For nearly a month now, I have been wondering if it made sense to make a post of the trails and tribulations of my one year journey with momentum investing. The idea here is not to sell you a product or a service but to provide you […]


A deeper look at Liquid Funds

Equity Analysis they say is complicated and yet I find Debt to be more complicated than Equity. Maybe this has more to do with the fact that much of my experience in finance markets has been with Equity compared to Debt. In Equity Markets, I believe in applying my skillsets using Quantitative methods than Qualitative […]